10 Things to Do in Tbilisi


The article describes 10 things that you should definitely do arriving in Tbilisi. Covers all the main attractions of the city, both ancient and modern.

Tbilisi is a bright and multifaceted city! To truly explore it, you need a lot of time. But many people come here only for a few days. So how to fit all the fun in the capital of Georgia in a few days of your rest? What to do in Tbilisi and where to go?

1. Walk to Rike Park

Go to Rike Park, sit on the lower station of the cable car and go up to the Narikala Fortress! For a couple of minutes, you will fly over the Kur and the old quarters of the historical part of Tbilisi. Take a walk on the Sololak Hill, walk to the mother of Kartli monument and take beautiful photos as a keepsake.

2. Go to the bath!

Seriously! Tbilisi Sulfur Baths is one of its brightest attractions. They stand on underground hydrogen sulfide springs. Swimming here rejuvenates perfectly after long walks. And the area where they are located is incredibly picturesque and is very much loved by photographers.

3. Climb Mtatsminda Mountain

Climb Mtatsminda mountain to see the most amazing panorama of Tbilisi. And here there is a wonderful amusement park for children and adults, a huge restaurant complex, and a beautiful and well-kept park, where it is very pleasant to take a walk. To climb here is a whole entertainment. To do this, use the funicular, which will quickly lift you to the top of the mountain.

4. Walk along Rustaveli Avenue to Freedom Square

This is one of the most beautiful streets of the city. Museums, theaters, cafes — here you will find everything.

5. Pay tribute to modern architecture

The Glass Bridge of Peace is always a good idea, but specially in the evening due to its spectacular lighting. Next to it, in the Park Rike, you can see an unusual building in the form of two metal pipes, which seem to stick out from the rock. A little further along the embankment stands the building of the House of Justice, where instead of the roof there are huge concrete petals.

Next to the Bridge of Peace is no less interesting place — Shangri La Casino. This is the best casino in Tbilisi, which was awarded twice with the Golden Brand award for work’s quality. Once you’ve got here, be sure to check out the restaurant at the casino. It is famous for its excellent author’s cuisine, and the panoramic windows which offer a great view of the Bridge of Peace. It is better to schedule a visit in the evening, since the bridge has an original backlight that looks best in the dark.

If you like games, Shangri La is the perfect place to complete your entertaining program in Tbilisi. The establishment is owned by Michael Boettcher’s Shangri La (Storm International company), which means it works according to strict rules, offers all the classic games and welcomes guests on the same level as the best casinos in Las Vegas. Darren Keane, Storm International CEO, talks about a significant increase in unit attendance, primarily due to foreign travelers.

6. Eat khinkali!

Five, although better than ten. However, this is a joke, since ten khinkali are difficult to beat even for a very hungry man.

7. Visit the Temple of Tsminda Sameba

This is one of the largest and most impressive Orthodox churches in the world. It is easy to find it — it is located in the Sololaki district and very noticeably rises above the city. Its size and design will impress even the most sophisticated traveler.

8. Drink the famous Georgian lemonade

One of the best places that offers Georgian lemonades is located on the territory of the Tsmind Sameba temple. The most popular and tasty is creamy. It is prepared with a mineral water and brand’s natural syrup. And here also you can find the most delicious khachapuri!

9. Buy home spices and Svan salt

The best option is to purchase spices in specialized stores, where they are stored in closed banks. The range is so impressive that everyone will find the seasonings to their taste.

10. Buy wine

Georgia produces wine since ancient times, and is famous for its unsurpassed grape varieties. There are a lot of wine shops in Tbilisi, they offer free tastings, so go to the one you like and choose.


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