Storm International — VIP network with responsible game

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Storm International is a holding company that has been working in the gambling sphere since 1992. The empire includes elegant Shangri La casinos in four CIS countries, as well as ten cozy slot halls in Germany. In addition, the company manages bars, restaurants and business areas. Shangri La’s brands are well known in Russia, Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet countries. The founder is an Englishman, Michael Boettcher, and Darren Keane — Storm International CEO.

A notable feature of Shangri La Casino is that all casinos work in a VIP niche. Gambling houses are located in four capitals: Minsk, Yerevan, Tbilisi and Riga. All casinos are located either in exclusive hotels, or in luxury detached buildings. In the design of all four divisions, the overall style and uniform coloring can be traced. Also, the network operates under uniform rules that have been formed for more than 25 years. Constant visitors appreciate the hospitable attitude, honest and responsible game, interesting entertaining programs.

Principles of work were laid back at the beginning of the first casino Shangri La, Darren Keane clarified. The history of the brand began in Moscow in 1992, compared with the mass of existing at that time gambling establishments, Shangri La offered a higher level of service. Great interest in the guests caused large prizes. The record winnings of the network are two million dollars.

At the moment, Shangri La Moscow has stopped working, as in Russia all gambling establishments are placed in special zones since 2009. But this fact marked the beginning of the development of the international network. The accumulated experience has successfully adopted new gambling houses in Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Latvia.

Another feature of Shangri La is the Responsible Gaming program. Personnel are trained to recognize players with addiction and those who play on funds allocated for leisure. Since the institutions work in the VIP niche, they are focused on people who can afford to allocate funds from the budget specifically for comfortable rest and favorite games. Management believes that the game of debt and non-earmarked money should be stopped, as well as the development of dependence.


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